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Pet Biz Builder is a one-stop shop for content, training, and resources on building a successful and thriving business in the pet industry. We work alongside you to help you grow your business.

About Pet Biz Builder

Pet Biz Builder (PBB) was founded in 2020 to help business owners in the pet industry find training resources to help them grow their local business. PBB is your one-stop shop for both free and paid training courses that walk you step by step through every aspect of running and growing your pet business. The PBB team are experts at local SEO and online marketing, and they use this expertise to teach specific strategies for growing a pet business. Pets are a competitive market, and whether you are just starting out or you are an experienced owner - Pet Biz Builder has the resources and training you need to succeed!

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About DJ

I’m DJ Wetzel. I am passionate about building businesses. Over the years, I have started, grown, sold, and failed numerous businesses. This experience (even the failures - maybe ESPECIALLY the failures) have taught me what it takes to grow a successful business in 2022. Since 2008, I’ve clocked my 10,000 hours working in the trenches myself and helping others build and grow their businesses. I know the power in Taking Action better than most, and I know what it takes to succeed. I am also passionate about helping people. I also happen to LOVE animals! I founded Pet Biz Builder to combine these passions into one - I help people grow their Pet Businesses! Pet Biz Builder is an outpouring of my passions designed to help you reach your goals of owning a thriving Pet Business! Let me help you get started today - and hopefully we can work together for years to come!