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Pet Insurance Sales Can Grow Your Pet Business

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Pet Insurance is a popular option for pet owners. None of us ever wants to face the reality of money standing in the way of saving your pet’s life.

You can eliminate these difficult decisions through an inexpensive monthly premium payment. A small price to pay for peace of mind that your pet is covered in an emergency.

This surge of interest in pet insurance opens up a fantastic new business opportunity.

There are two main paths to making money in this way:

  1. Becoming a pet insurance broker
  2. Promote pet insurance through an affiliate program to your existing customers

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How to Become a Broker

To sell pet insurance as a broker you will need a Property & Casualty license in almost every state in the U.S. A license is required whether you sell face to face, over the phone, or through any online channel.

One benefit of being a broker is that you have the potential for more income per sale. For example, the average commission from selling a policy is $450. This can add up quickly if you are able to convert only a handful of your current clients into pet insurance clients as well!

The drawbacks to selling as a broker are that it costs money to maintain your license. You must also generally work under another licensed broker for a period of time, and maintain continual education hours each year.

Being a broker also means that your clients will come to you with questions, problems, and general customer service issues. If you don’t make space for this in your already busy schedule, it’s possible this side hustle could overwhelm your existing business.

Promote Pet Insurance as an Affiliate

While there are many benefits of obtaining your license and becoming a broker, the easier path is to participate in a pet insurance affiliate program. As an affiliate, you will apply to become a representative of the parent business, where you will refer clients to purchase pet insurance from that parent company.

The affiliate model is popular in many industries, and can be very profitable if done well.

One of the best benefits of the affiliate model is that you can promote this pet insurance opportunity to your already existing customer base. If you have built a good rapport with your clients over the years they are much more likely to trust your opinion when you promote a new product to them.

When you promote this offer to your clients, they won’t pay any more for the insurance than they would if they found the company themselves online. Your customer still gets the same quality product, the parent company makes a sale, and you walk away with a commission and hopefully an even happier client.

An affiliate program that is done well, provides benefits to all parties involved and can make you an even more invaluable resource to your already existing clients.

If you are interested in getting started as an affiliate, we recommend you check out PetInsurer. They are a comparison website for pet owners to compare rates and choose the best insurance for them. As an affiliate, you can make $100 per sale from anyone you refer to their site.

Check out the PetInsurer Affiliate Program

Whichever option you decide to pursue, adding pet insurance as an extra revenue stream to your pet industry can pay big dividends down the road!

To Your Success!